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A screenshot of the ProjectISO game title screen, displaying a temporary logo design.

Game Developer Replayne Announces Their First Game, ProjectIso (Working Title)

Aug 09, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — Newly established game developer, Replayne, is announcing their upcoming video game title, ProjectISO (Working Title). Replayne is a small team of artists and developers based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to bringing exciting 3D games to the public. “Our main goal is to provide a fun gameplay experience above all else,” they claim on their website. They intend to accomplish this by focusing on smooth frame rates and responsive controls.

Replayne's first title, ProjectISO, is a 3D isometric platforming game with a focus on speed and action — inspired by the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games of the '90s — with stages featuring a variety of ramps, half-pipes, loops and other elements that allow skilled players to remain in a constant state of motion.

In addition to the focus on speed, ProjectISO also offers players the alternative of exploring the stages more slowly in search of secrets. A set of missions in each stage encourage the player to travel through the stages in different ways.

One of the primary game mechanics in ProjectISO is the tether, a versatile rope which connects the character with stage elements and allows the player to interact with them in different ways. The tether can be used to attack enemies and perform maneuvers without losing speed.

Depending on the approval of the platform holders, the company has plans to release ProjectISO in 2022 on Steam, and Nintendo Switch.