ProjectISO (Working Title)

Run, jump, spin and soar in our upcoming video game, ProjectISO (Working Title)!

Enjoy the excitement of a game where — if you have what it takes — you don't have to stop! Explore vibrant landscapes as you protect the fairies from a robotic threat!

  • Challenge yourself to speed through stages uninterrupted.
  • Explore and discover secrets in expansive landscapes.
  • Overcome the powerful robotic enemy leaders.

ProjectISO is on track for release in 2022. Depending on the approval of the platform holders, the game is planned to release on Steam, GOG and Nintendo Switch.

An illustration of the game's protagonist


Play the game in style!

ProjectISO stages are designed so that — if you have the skill — you'll never have to lose your flow. You can keep moving from start to end uninterrupted. Earn style points by moving fast and skillfully making use your abilities.


Once you gather enough speed you won't stop! By moving at high speeds you can run on walls, reach higher areas and smash through barriers. Watch out for obstacles to avoid losing speed.


A magical tether lets you hook onto items and enemies with a variety of different effects. Use it on enemies to perform a tether attack or attach to poles to make sharp turns without slowing down. Try it on other things to see what happens.

Explore expansive levels.

There's more than one way to reach the goal. Take the fast route to beat the stage in record time, explore alternate paths to find secrets or follow the coolest looking items to rack up lots of style points.

Defeat enemy leaders

Robotic enemies have invaded the fairies' home and are draining the land of fairy energy. Partake in challenging battles with the enemy leaders to destroy their extraction plants and save the fairies.

The Fairy Dimension

Collect enough secret items in a stage and you'll be transported to a challenging bonus level in the fairy dimension. Rush through the stage and gather as many items as possible within the time limit.

Choose your objective

The variety of missions allow you to enjoy each stage to the fullest by replaying them under special conditions. Try reaching the goal within a time limit or defeating as many enemies as you can.