Dynacat's sparkles aren't just for show. They're also the source of power for one of Dynacat's key abilities: the Tether. This is a sparkling rope that you can use to connect to a variety of things with interesting results.

The tether was inspired by one of Sega's lesser known games, Knuckles' Chaotix on the Sega 32X. In that game, the tether binded two characters together and allowed them to gain speed by acting as an elastic band. Dynacat's tether doesn't bind characters together, but it can help with gaining speed.

The tether reacts to fairy crystals and things built with them. To use the tether, just hold down the tether button to charge it up. If something can be tethered, a reticle will appear over it and you can release the tether button to connect to it. To detach from the element, just press the tether button again.

An image of Dynacat using the tether to orbit a pole.

When you're in Speed Mode, the last thing you want to do is stop moving. If you need to make a sharp turn, look for something to hook onto. Tethering to an element while in speed mode will cause you to orbit around it. While orbiting, you can detach from the element at any time to launch yourself in a different direction.

When you're in the air, you can tether to enemies, springs and other elements. After connecting, you will dash toward them, performing a tether attack which destroys most enemies on impact. Chain tether attacks together to stay in the air for longer and even find new paths to explore.

An image of Dynacat using the tether to attack an enemy.

There are a variety of different elements to use the tether on. Any blocks that can be pushed around can also be pulled by using the tether. Special poles will bend when you pull on them, then you can let go to be launched like a slingshot through the air. There are more elements in the game that react to the tether in different ways. Look out for them when the game launches.

A sequence of images showing how Dynacat uses the tether on different elements. A sequence of images showing how Dynacat uses the tether on different elements.