Promotional image for Dynacat Beta Demo 2.0

Before we get started, we have to announce that Dynacat's release date has been moved to 2023. Back in February this year we had to make estimates for the game's completion. At the time 2022 seemed possible, but we were always prepared for the possibility that it might take longer.

With that out of the way, we've been making lots of improvements to Dynacat, which we're able to share now!

First up, a major graphical upgrade! We finally have had the time to program our desired art style into the game's graphical engine. It has cel-shaded shadows, shiny metallic highlights and crisp black outlines to give everything a vibrant cartoon style. As the artist, I'm impressed with how well it matches my concept art!

A screenshot displaying Dynacat's new visual style

We've improved the player controls! Thanks to feedback from people who played our first beta demo, we've made changes which will make precision platforming a lot easier.

The tutorial stage has been fully redesigned to teach the game's mechanics in an easy way and give you plenty of opportunity to practice them.

A screenshot of the tutorial stage

We've also got a message for our Linux users: We've removed libglfw as a dependency, so installing the game should be very simple now!

Many other improvements were done and we can't wait to show you. You'll be able to check it out when the update for the beta demo on Steam comes in early 2023!

That's all for today's update.
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