The land where the game takes place lies just at the edge of the Fairy Dimension. The Fairy Dimension is a parallel dimension where fairy energy comes from. Concentrate enough energy in one place and the dimensions will connect, opening a portal between them. The Fairy Dimension adds a whole extra set of stages to the game.

A portal into the fairy dimension

Hidden throughout the action stages are storage containers with crystallized fairy energy which was stolen by the robots. If you can collect enough of these and reach the end of an action stage, you will open a portal to a Special Stage in the Fairy Dimension.

Dynacat traversing a special stage

In the Special Stages the objective is to pick up enough orbs and reach the end within a time limit. These stages are a special kind of obstacle course that will test your speed and precision in a variety of ways, each stage has its own challenges.

If you can successfully complete the challenge, you will be awarded with a Spark and will be able to easily return to the same special stage at any time. If time runs out or you reach the goal without enough orbs, you can return to the stage again by collecting crystals in an action stage.

What do Sparks do? Collect them all and find out when Dynacat launches this year!

The screen that appears when you complete a special stage