Announcement Regarding Weekly Updates

Hi! Before we tell you about today's update we have an announcement to make:

We hope you've been enjoying our updates so far. We have so much more to show, but maintaining the website has been taking a lot of time out of our development schedule. For that reason we're going to put the updates on hold for now.

If we have more updates to show in the future we'll notify everybody through Twitter. Follow our Twitter account and don't be afraid to tweet at us, we're listening!

Today's Update: Challenges

If you're looking for a real challenge we've got you covered. After completing a stage for the first time, a list of missions will become available.

Don't worry!
If you completed a mission on your first playthrough it will already be marked as complete.

The list of missions shown for an action stage.

Missions have been carefully tuned to be very challenging but not quite impossible. Each action stage has the following missions:

  • Time: Complete the stage within a time limit.
  • Style: Find the perfect balance between speed and exploration to rack up the most style points.
  • Crystals: Don't miss a single crystal while traversing the stage.
  • Enemies: Discover the path which will allow you to defeat the most enemies.

We hope you'll enjoy this opportunity to play the game in different ways.